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Ferm is a creative studio for ambitious companies who want to book rapid results.

We transform ideas into interactive designs to get confirmation and to gain insight that will drive product improvement.

Our work

Sales Support Screens

Interactive Billboard

Light Gallery

Designed several interactive screens to improve the shopping experience of the Light Gallery Customers within the store. Via these Digital Billboards the customers could explore more products to match the room-experience where he/she stands. 

Image Work Sales Support Screens Light Gallery

Redesign the way we lease a bicycle


We helped Cyclis to improve the experience of leasing a bicycle. We did this by designing & developping a platform where employees, human-resource and bicycle dealers can easily follow up on the lease process without having to make dozen of calls or mails.

Webdesign Light Gallery

Bringing a spotlight to the digital presence of a premier light brand.

Light Gallery

Light Gallery reached out to us to enhance their customer’s shopping experience in the form of a redesigned website. The new design matches the experience that they want to bring within their stores (inspirational).

Movie Theater Prototype

Rapid Prototyping

Movie Theater App

We only need a short amount of time to visualise your amazing idea into a (wow) prototype. Win fundings and customers before you build the full product. Get the most out of (y)our time through an interactive prototype. Be our guest and play around in our Movie Theater App (Proof of Concept)


Customer Tool


The Healthcare company Qarad approached us to design their customer platform. Professionals and patients can find the right documentation of medicine through this tool.


Website & Branding


Cloubis approached us initially to design their website, well we did more than that! We gave them an identity. We delivered them a fully responsive website, a brand identity (logo, style guide, ..), and of course some business cards to easily spread the word!

Harvest animations


Event webapp

Together with AppFoundry we created a tool where we could easily manage all the contact details of the people that we’ve met at an event (for example at a handshake event to meet students). The AppFoundry mascotte would guide them through the form so that the given data would be of high quality and quantity.

The businesses we've helped

Client Image Federale Overheidsdienst Financiën
Client Image UCB
Client Image Cyclis
Client Image Retail Detail
Client Image Hogeschool PXL
Client Image Licht Gallery
Client Image Konvert

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